RED TEAM Operator: Malware Development Essentials Course

This course will teach you how to become a better ethical hacker, pentester and red teamer by learning malware development in Windows.

RED TEAM Operator: Malware Development Intermediate Course

More advanced malware development techniques in Windows, including: API hooking, 32-/64-bit migrations, reflective binaries and more.

RED TEAM Operator: Privilege Escalation in Windows Course

A course about breaking and bypassing Windows security model. Escalating privileges with 20 different techniques. From non-admin to SYSTEM.

RED TEAM Operator: Windows Persistence Course

27 persistence methods in Windows. From basic to advanced, unique and used by nation-state threat actors.


SEKTOR7 was established in 2017 as a cybersecurity offensive research and training company. Our team has a vast experience backed by many years of research and work for external companies from the following, but not limited to, industries:  Finance, Technology, Energy, Software, Aviation, Transportation.

SEKTOR7 provides practical and intensive trainings, both on-line and on-site for the customers around the globe. All courses are prepared and delivered by top class cybersecurity experts with in-depth technical experience and understanding of crucial areas of IT security:
  • Red Teaming and Penetration Testing
  • Windows and *NIX exploitation and security
  • Network and communication infrastructure hacking
  • IoT and car security
  • Mobile Platform exploitation
Our mission is to provide high quality content for the affordable price.
SEKTOR7 is also an organizer of IT security x33fcon conference - an annual meeting for Red and Blue Teams from around the world.

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